Tales of the Rays™

I choose to live, to make truth of that lie.
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SPEC Title:Tales of the Rays Genre: An RPG about pursuing the power of truth Platforms: App Store and Google Play™ Price: Free to play, with in-app purchases
Tales of the Rays

Brought to you by a remarkable team of creators...Brought to you by a remarkable team of creators...

A coming-of-age tale of the heroes Ix and Mileena

Story by Takumi Miyajima Character Designer: Hidenori Matsubara Ix Nieves Voice: Natsuki Hanae Mileena Weiss Voice: Haruka Terui

A classic Tales experience for smartphones

An adventure featuring characters of yore

Characters brought to life in a stunning opening animation!

Opening animation from WIT STUDIO, Theme Song by Alexandros