Tir Na Nog is a prosperous world of light filled with the infinite energy of Chiral Particles. It’s hard to imagine now,but those same particles once nearly destroyed this land. Once upon a time,researchers worked tirelessly to develop weapons to harness this limitless energy.The wielders of these mirrage weapons were known as “mirrists.” The Kaleidescope could deplete the anima at the core of both living and material things,and turn them into light particles. It was a fearsome weapon in times of war. But the cost was far too great... Rampant use had caused anima to separate from the world itself.Lands, forests and all of the people in them turned to dust and vanished.But then, a mirrist stepped forth to defend the world.Wracked with guilt for the devastation their own invention had caused,the mirrist realized the one last plan to save the dying world:Project Aegis. Many years have passed since then.The gentle beauty of nature has returned to Tir Na Nog.We meet Ix and Mileena, two best friends living in peace on the island of Odanse. One fateful day, a storm of meteors rain down from the sky, obliterating their island home.Surviving by sheer chance, Ix and Mileena are rescued by a band of warriors known as the Salvation Front. The group make their way to the capital,only to learn of grave new danger to their world...