Introduction to the World


Mirrist:A group of humans able to conjure powerful illusions with mirrages.They can manipulate the anima life-force that pervades all things using chiral particles. Chiral Particles:Mysterious energy particles found in Tir Na Nog.
They copy the anima of their target,transforming the copy into more chiral particles. It can create infinite copies and thus infinite energy. Anima:An essence present in all living things. Those who lose it turn into shining dust. Some might even call it a soul.


Sellund is the capital city of the largest island in Tir Na Nog,located within its countless archipelagos and fathomless seas. Sellund Cityscape:Citizens live in peace and prosperity under the rule of King Demetrius.


A mirrage weapon that once threatened the world’s very existence.It leeches out the anima at core of living and material things alike, and reflects it within itself many times.This causes targets to dissolve into glittering sand.

The Heimdallr

Sellund’s fastest airship. Chiral particles allow it to fly at a high speed.
It can draw the particles directly from the atmosphere to keep airborne without refueling. The Heimdallr (Exterior)